Area Agency on Aging


The Older Americans Act provides funding and regulations for the provision of in-home and community services.

The services available are subject to change depending on the needs reflected during the planning process. Service availability may differ in each county within the region.

In order to receive the above services the older adult or spouse must be 60 years of age and older. There is no charge for the service; however, consumer contributions are encouraged. The benefits of the services are that older adults are able to remain in their homes longer.

Services include Adult Day Care, Adult Day Health Care, Care Management, Congregate Meals, Family Caregiver Support Program, Health Promotion, Home Delivered Meals, Housing and Home Improvement, Information and Case Assistance, Information and Referral, In-Home Aide, Legal Services, Long Term Care Ombudsman, Senior Centers, Senior Games, General Transportation and Medical Transportation.

Adult Day Care
Adult Day Care provides social and some rehabilitative activities for the frail older person during the day in a community facility.

Adult Day Health Care
Adult Day Health Care provides an organized program of services during the day in a group setting. Services must include health care services.

Care Management (Cumberland County)
Provides professional assistance for older adults with complex care needs and/or their families in accessing, arranging and coordinating the package of services needed to enable the older adult to remain at home.

Congregate Meals
Lunch meals are provided in a group setting. The service is to promote the health and well-being of the older adults through the provision of nutritious meals and opportunities for social and recreational interaction.

Family Caregiver Support Program
The Family Caregiver Resource Specialist continually works on a regional level to establish partnerships with caregiver service providers, caregivers, and those who interact with caregivers to leverage resources and improve and expand the available resources/services for caregivers. Services that are encompassed in the program are information about available services, access to those services, counseling/trainings, respite, and supplemental services.

Health Promotion
Health Promotion are activities to maintain and improve the health and well-being of older adults.

Home Delivered Meals
Volunteers deliver lunch meals to homebound older adults five days a week. These meals help maintain or improve the health of an impaired person to enable him/her to remain in their own home as ling as possible.

Housing and Home Improvement
Provides labor and/or materials for minor renovation and repairs for dwellings to remedy conditions, which are a risk to the personal health and safety of older adults.

Information and Case Assistance
Information and Case Assistance assists older adults, their families and others in their efforts to acquire information about programs and services and assists older persons obtain appropriate services.

Information and Referral
Information and Referral provides information on the services and assists individuals in identifying the types of assistance needed, places the individual in contact with appropriate services and follows up to determine if services were received and met the identified needs.

In-Home Aide
In-Home Aide is the provision of paraprofessional services which assist functionally impaired older adults and/or their families with essential home management, personal care and/or supervision necessary to enable the older adult to remain at home as long as possible.

Legal Services
This service is intended to provide older individuals with legal advice and representation, appropriate referrals to human services agencies or pro-bono services, as well as community education.

Long Term Care Ombudsman
An advocate for residentís rights and is responsible for investigating complaints made by, or on behalf of, nursing home and adult care home residents. The Ombudsman works with residents, family members, facilities, as well as public and private agencies to enhance the quality of life for residents in long term care facilities. The Ombudsman provides training and technical assistance to Nursing Home and Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committees in each county to serve residents in long term care facilities. Community Advisory Committees are volunteers appointed by the county commissioners who visit facilities, interact with residents and advocate for quality care in the homes.

Senior Centers
Senior Centers or wellness centers offer services, which address special needs of older adults, opportunities for community involvement, prevention of loneliness and isolation by increasing social interaction with others and prevention or delaying institutional care.

Senior Games
Provides incentive for seniors to become physically active and lead healthy lifestyles. Mid-Carolina Senior Games is part of a network of local and state competitive events for athletes and artists ages 55+ and is the local qualifying site for North Carolina Senior Games. Seniors from Cumberland, Harnett and Sampson Counties compete in sports and field events as well as SilverArts, a showcase of visual, literary, performing and heritage arts. Medal winners are eligible to compete in the State Finals in Raleigh each fall.

Transportation/General & Medical
Service primarily exists to transport older adults to and from medical appointments and also to nutrition sites, with some shopping and recreational trips provided.