Creative Regional Solutions

Creative Regional Solutions

The purpose of the Mid-Carolina Regional Council is to encourage and assist local units of governments to collaborate with one another in improving the health, safety, and general welfare of their citizens, and to plan for the future development of the region. Mid-Carolina also strives to assist members in solving current problems and to help eliminate monetary waste.

A voluntary coalition of local governments, the Mid-Carolina Regional Council (MCRC) functions as a multi-county, planning, development, and human services organization. We reach across county and municipal borders to provide technical assistance to our local governments and to administer programs that benefit our region’s citizens.

Our mission is to provide creative regional solutions to relevant and emerging issues in Cumberland, Harnett, and Sampson Counties, North Carolina while providing a standard of excellence in the delivery of federal, state, and regional services for our communities.

MCRC is governed by a six-member Board of Directors. The Board consists of local elected officials representing the counties and municipalities in our region.

About Regional Councils

Regional Councils in North Carolina are the result of 1969 legislation that charged the NC Department of Administration with developing "...a system of multi-county regional planning districts to cover the entire state" (GS 143-341) after Congress passed the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act in 1968 calling for closer cooperation between federal programs and state and local governments.

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